30 Weds 21 web series episode 4 Name & Release date confirmed

30 Weds 21 web series episode 4 Name & Release date confirmed

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Not only Telegu viewers but also 30 Weds 21 successfully attracted viewers from all over the world. This is the most popular and successful web series Girl Formula published. 30 Weds 21 is a 6 episode Chai Bisket original web series. Publish date of each episode is set to every Sunday at 10 Am.

Already 3 episodes of this series have been streamed. And the release date of the 4th episode has been revealed in the last moment of the 3rd episode. Authorities have confirmed that the release date of episode 4 of the 30 Weds 21 web series has been set for 23 May 2021.


  • Series Name: 30 Weds 21
  • Episode No: 4
  • Episode Nama: Are You Married?
  • Release Date: May 23, 2021.

Audience Expect more

The first and second episode of this series goes viral overnight. The creators may not have thought that the series would be so popular. The first and second episodes of the series have been met with great enthusiasm among the viewers. But there has been little Negative discussion about the third episode. Some people think that the third episode did not have the same attraction as the first and second episodes. But no one felt bad. Everyone enjoyed it.

In the third episode, Meghana and Pruthvi decide that they are not husband and wife, but each other’s roommates. So they share the housework among themselves and decide the rules of who will do what and when. For this reason, the third episode has been named Bachelor Again.

Towards the end of the third episode, there was quite a nice twist. After eating Pruthvi’s cooked pizza, Meghana likes it very much. Then Meghana requested Pruthvi to accept her friend request on Facebook.

In this way, a new friendship was formed between them. And so viewers are waiting with great enthusiasm for what is going to happen in the next episode.

Will Meghana and Pruthvi start a normal family?
Or will there be a new conflict between them?
Will Prouthvi be able to get out of the age fence and adopt Meghna?

Let’s see what happens in episode 4. Let me wait with you.

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