Best Starz Original Web Series to watch now on Starz

15 Best Starz Original Web Series to watch now on StarzPlay

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Starz has built a reputation for excellent original programming, in addition to its deep movie library. Hit dramas and historical miniseries are the hallmarks of this channel and streaming app, and we’ve ranked the best, brightest, and most binge-worthy of the Starz catalog right here.

15 Best Starz Original Series/Shows to watch now on StarzPlay

Let us check out the best Starz web series list.

1. Hightown

Hightown web series poster image.

Hightown is the number one Starz original web series on our list. Set in Cape Cod’s Provincetown, Hightown follows a National Marine Fisheries Service agent who stumbles upon a mysterious dead body. This sets her on two paths: Trying to unravel what happened while also trying to get sober.

2. Power

Power web series poster image.

Power is a 6-season drama about a nightclub owner on a quest to leave his drug dealer past behind. The absorbing show also examined complicated family dynamics, friendships, and a rivalry with a fellow dealer, played by the show’s executive producer Curtis Jackson (better known as 50 Cent). I hope you will love this series after watching it.

3. American Gods

American Gods web series scene.

American Gods is one of the best web series Starz distributed ever. It is a fantasy drama based on the Neil Gaiman novel. When Shadow Moon is released from prison, he encounters a mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday and eventually becomes his bodyguard. Before long, he’s caught up in a world of magic where gods walk among people.

4. Outlander

Outlander web series scene.

Outlander takes viewers back to 18th-century Scotland, via a time-traveling nurse from 1945. This romantic adventure finds itself in the middle of the Jacobite rebellion. The critically acclaimed show also finds its way to the American colonies through its first 5 seasons.

5. Vida

Vida web series scene.

Vida has already completed a three-season run and won a GLAAD Media Award and critical acclaim in its time. The series follows two very different Mexican-American sisters who move back to their Los Angeles neighborhood following the death of their mother.

6. Sweetbitter

Sweetbitter web series scene.

Sweetbitter is a New York City drama adapted from Stephanie Danler’s novel. It’s the story of Tess, a young woman who scores a job at a notable downtown restaurant and plunges into an adventurous new world. The show only lasted two seasons, but it’s still a great binge if you missed it.

7. Black Sails

Black Sails web series scene.

Black Sails spans the golden age of piracy in the West Indies in 1715 and serves as a prequel to the famed novel Treasure Island. The show, bolstered by excitement from San Diego Comic-Con, had a solid four-season voyage between 2014 and 2017.

8. Spartacus

Spartacus web series poster image.

Running for four seasons, Spartacus covers familiar territory for those who know their ancient Greek lore. This take on the legendary gladiator includes Lucy Lawless (of Xena fame) and two different lead actors in the title role. Sadly, the series’ original Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, died of cancer a year into its filming.

9. Dublin Murders

Dublin Murders web series scene.

Dublin Murders was created for both BBC One and Starz. This grim and gripping show follows 2 investigators digging into a pair of murders; the investigation also opens up a psychological examination at the heart of the show’s initial eight episodes.

10. The White Queen

The White Queen web series scene.

The White Queen is a historical drama set in 15th century England during The Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars over contested monarchy. The story focuses on three women who navigate for power in the shifting political landscape
of the time.

11. The White Princess

The White Princess web series scene.

The White Princess is the miniseries sequel to The White Queen, picking up the story with the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. While this effectively ends the Wars of the Roses, it certainly brings about new tensions
and epic historical drama.

12. The Spanish Princess

The Spanish Princess web series scene.

If you followed The White Queen and The White Princess, you definitely want to jump into this miniseries sequel — especially if your favorite part of this juicy historical period is Henry VIII and his many wives. Specifically, The Spanish Princess examines his relationship with his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and bears many of the hallmarks of the preceding two series — intrigue, winsome performances, and sex.

13. Survivor’s Remorse

Survivor’s Remorse web series scene.

Survivor’s Remorse is the critically-acclaimed sitcom about a pro basketball player who moves his family to Atlanta.
LeBron James is part of the executive producer team, and Mike Epps is featured in the show’s first two seasons. This one is a bit under the radar, but an absolute must for basketball fans.

14. Ash vs. Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead web series scene.

If you like your comedies with chainsaws and gore, look no further than Ash vs. Evil Dead. It’s a sequel of sorts to the Evil Dead movie franchise, with hero Ash Williams (played by Bruce Campbell) battling internal monsters—and, eventually, actual monsters—30 years after the trilogy of movies concludes. The series also features Lucy Lawless as a mysterious but influential figure.

15. Party Down

Party Down web series scene.

Party Down is a great but short-lived comedy with many familiar faces, including Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, and Jennifer Coolidge. It’s packed with improv, off-beat humor, and weird characters. Rob Thomas, Fred Savage and Paul Rudd also worked on this one behind the camera.

There you have it. If you’re ready to mix up your binge queue, those are the best and brightest Starz currently
has on offer. But if you’ve been enjoying another Starz original lately, be sure to shout it out in the comments section below so other viewers can dig in.

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