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Types of web series by Genre and Budget


How many types of  Web Series?

Currently, the popularity of the web series is skyrocketing. Especially young boys and girls are the main audiences of the web series. If you read the article suggested below, you will know how the web series has risen to the top of popularity in the last few years.
But often a question is asked, how many types of web series? In this article, I will answer that question. In the last few years, the world has had the opportunity to watch several genres of web series. Maybe more new genres will be added upfront.
In this article, I have divided the types of web series into 2 parts according to the information found on the internet.

  1. Firstly, according to the Genres
  2. Secondly, according to the Budget

Below is a list of the most common types of web series:

All the Types of Web Series

According to genre there are 37 types of web series

  1.  Action web series
  2. Adventure web series
  3. Asian web series
  4. Animated web series
  5. Anthology web series
  6. Comedy / Sit-com web series
  7. Conspiracy web series
  8. Crime drama web series
  9. Crime web series
  10. Children / Tweens web series
  11. Dark fantasy web series
  12. Drama web series
  13. Dystopian web series
  14. Documentary web series
  15. Erotic web series
  16. Experimental web series
  17. Fantasy web series
  18. Horror fiction web series
  19. Horror web series
  20. Legal web series
  21. Literary-Inspired Web series
  22. LGBT-related web series
  23. Martial arts web series
  24. Mystery web series
  25. Non-fiction web series
  26. Post-apocalyptic web series
  27. Prison web series
  28. Romance web series
  29. Science fiction web series
  30. Sci-Fi web series
  31. Steampunk web series
  32. Superhero web series
  33. Teen drama web series
  34. Thriller web series
  35. Web series featuring puppetry
  36. Western web series
  37. Zombie web series

According to budget there are10 types of web series

  1. Big Budget web series
  2. Low Budget web series
  3. High Concept web series
  4. Indie web series
  5. Boostraps web series
  6. Self-Funded web series
  7. Crowdfunded web series
  8. Sponsored web series
  9. Student Made web series
  10. Stepping Stone web series

These are the most common types of web series. I have listed these according to the information I got from the internet. However, more new genres may be added to this list later. As such, this list is not permanent. Because constantly new talented creators are creating new web series. If someone brings up a new genre, it will be added to our list.

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