The Family Man 2 cast Samantha Akkineni & Manoj Bajpayee on BIG Bollywood film offers, Exclusive Interview.

The Family Man 2 cast Samantha Akkineni & Manoj Bajpayee on BIG Bollywood film offers, Exclusive Interview

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After publishing the Trailer of The Family Man web series Season 2 It has received a wonderful response from the audience. The Family Man Season 2 release date is set for June 4, 2021. Now viewers are eagerly waiting for the release of the web series. Everyone’s expectation is that the web series viewers are going to enjoy a great action thriller again.

The Family Man 2 Actress Samantha Akkineni & Actor Manoj Bajpayee recently joined an interview with Pinkvilla. They have discussed a lot of things about the family man web series season 2. Let’s read the exclusive interview.

In a recent conversation with Pinkvilla, the stars of The Family Man 2, Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni spill the beans on their first scene together, Samantha’s character, and more. Samantha also talks about how she has been approached for many Bollywood movies and her reason behind not signing one yet. I shared the full interview here as follows.

Samantha: Outside I was calm but inside I was like I think crying a bit.

Samantha (With laugh): You are going to make me cry

Manoj: Every time I try you know even till now I try and I get caught very badly.

Samantha (With laugh): Yeah because you have it written all over your face.

Samantha: I have been in the industry for long enough to have been offered a Bollywood film.

Manoj: So we catch each other. If my co-actor is being lazy, if my co-actor is not doing well, we catch it. We immediately catch it. We are that sensitive.

The questioner: You know when I was asked to interview the Manoj Bajpayee the first thing that came to my mind was yaar what will I ask and you know even there are celebrities who look up to you Imean you are a legend in your own right. Joining the conversation is also Samantha who has served a series of hits and by series, I do mean back-to-back hits in the Southern Cinema. So how does it feel to be acting with Manoj and can you tell us a little about Family Man?

Samantha: I think that in my first scene with Manoj Sir I was, they didn’t let me like get used to it. They put me straight into the lion’s den with a very, very important scene and they did something even worse. They let him do his closeups first so I got to see first-hand the legend that you just mentioned and outside I was calm but inside I was like I think crying a bit was just in shock and thankfully the character also in the scene was supposed to be blank so that was actually I wasn’t acting.

Manoj: But thank you very much. I was looking forward to it. I was looking forward because thereputation that she has built up for herself in cinema was something I had quite heard about.I told Raj, that Raj has never told you that she is really there and he said yes she isthere. That was my first introduction to her. I was completely impressed with her preparation.I was shown a video where she has practised the punching and the kicking andjumping. Everything that she has done on the screen is marvellous. It’s something to envy about

Samantha (With laugh): You are going to make me cry.

Manoj: Every actor or actress or anyone they are going to envy the skill that she has shown.

The questioner: Talking about the character Srikant how much is the character Srikant like Manoj?

Manoj: I can’t lie that much. Every time I try you know even till now I try and I get caught very badly.

Samantha (Everyone Laughing): Yeah because you have it written all over your face.

Manoj: just if my if I am upset or not upset or happy or not happy that way I kept my life that simple. It’s not for anything else. It’s also because I didn’t want that kind of complication in my life. It’s easy and also when you lie eventually you forget what you lied but the person you lie to is always going to remember. And your female counterpart if you are lying to, you are definitely going to get caught. Because of this gender they have elephant memory.

The questioner: Now coming to you (Samantha) there is a lot of exchange happening between Bollywood and the South. Like Alia is doing RRR and Rashmika is doing her Bollywood debut, have you been approached for a Bollywood movie?

Samantha: Yes, I have been in the industry for long enough to have been offered a Bollywood film. I am not completely comfortable with the language and also the thing was it over the last few years is when I feel like I am really coming to my own understanding sentiments down south you know. The kind of films that people like, kind of characterizations, kind of performances I am just about there with, understood that and it took me so long. I am pretty scared to dive again into something so unknown to me and figure it out and if I can it’s a bit scary.

Manoj: I completely understand. I have done four Telegu films. I have been directed by a fantastic director. My first film in Telegu was with Ram Gopal Verma and every time I kept on struggling with the language and I am very bad with the language. Very bad. If you ask me to give a flavor to it in Hindi I can do it. You know I have stayed in Hyderabad and interacted with all these guys and so many others to get the flavor of it. But to really know the language I am very bad at it. You know and then I kept on getting offers. I always said no. It’s just so much hard work to really know the language and I hate taking the prompting you know. Somewhere I feel I am not doing justice to the job that I am doing. That’s why I don’t do it. I am always scared of touching it. I completely understand where she is coming from. Though really her kind of actress, her kind of ability that she has she should work but if she is feeling about it that hesitation is coming but I understand where she is coming from.

The questioner: So now in a previous interview with Pinkvilla, you had mentioned that there is a difference between a star and an actor. Now with Family Man, you are in and as the Family Man do you think like has there been ever that kind of vibe that Chalo now I have arrived. The industry is seeing me in a different light now.

Samantha (Everyone Laughing): How many times will you arrive Manoj Sir?

Manoj (With Laugh): Thank you, SamanthaFor saving me from this question.

Samantha (With Laugh): I am confused just how many over how many years

Manoj: That arrival feeling is something that is never there but it’s a platform Idon’t know about stardom but whenever it has happened to me I have never taken it veryseriously. I somehow feel that all of us should be very focused on learning the craft anddoing, giving 200% to whatever is given. And you know that’s what takes us everywhere.Stardom is something it’s a perception. It’s just a perception how you look at, how the others are lookingat you. But what am I? I am just an actor who is trying to fulfil his all the requirements of the job and go home. That’s all.

Samantha: And very large appetite of wanting to do more and more and greedy

Samantha & Manoj (With Laugh): Greedy. Very greedy. Very greedy.

The questioner: It was great talking to you.Thank you so much.

Manoj: Thank you.Thank you for coming out in Corona time to take our interview. Thank you.

The questioner: We are all tested.

Samantha (With Laugh): Yes.

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