What is the difference between web series and movies

14 Key Difference between a Web Series and a Movie


What is the difference between Web Series and Movies?

The biggest entertainment medium in the world is watching movies. However, many were surprised by the popularity of the web series. 
Many people think, will web series take over the movie? The answer is ‘no’. The movie was, is, and will remain popular. 
But the way web series are attracting viewers will soon become a much bigger part of the entertainment world. 
Many people want to know, what is the difference between a web series and a movie? Let’s find out the difference between a movie and a web series.

Difference between Web Series and Movies

Let’s check out the 14 key difference between Web Series and Movies:

1. The web is the basic platform for watching web series. Means website or app. You can watch web series from any digital device connected to the internet like mobile, laptop, smart TV, etc. 
On the other hand, the theater is the basic platform for watching movies. You watch it later on TV or on a mobile phone but its basic platform is theater.

2. Web series are released on the OTT platform. But the movies are released in theaters.

3. Since it is released on online platforms, there is no set time to watch the web series. You can watch a web series whenever you want, as many times as you want. 
On the other hand, it is released in theaters, so there is a time to watch a movie. This means that when you go to see a movie in the theater, you will not be able to watch the movie for more than the time allotted by the theater.

4. Web series are made in the form of episodes. 
But the movie is not made in the form of episodes.

5. Episodes of the web series are usually between 20 and 60 minutes long. 
On the other hand, a movie is usually between 90 minutes and 150 minutes. Too much is up to 250 minutes.

6. Movies can usually be made in any genre. And its audience target is people of almost all ages. 
On the other hand, web series can be made with any genre. But its main audience target is youth. The needs of the youth are considered while creating the web series.

7. Web series usually do not end completely. Web series are built in such a way that viewers wait to watch a second series after a series ends. In most cases, one season of the web series is followed by another. 
On the other hand, the movie is never season-based. A movie ends in one and a half to two hours. The entire story of the movie is covered in these two and a half hours.

8. Scene duration of the web series is not too big or too small. The screenplay is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Because web series always has to be attractive to the viewers. As if viewers don’t skip anything while watching an episode. 
On the other hand, the scene duration of movies is short. The screenplay is fast most of the time. Because of the Movies have to be finished within a particular time. However, although the scene duration is quick, it is made interesting.

9. No songs are played in the web series. Even if played, it may be shown towards the end of the series or songs may be used to promote the series. 
On the other hand, more than one song is shown in the movie. And these songs are mostly recreated. This means that it is not a new song but a remake of an old song. However, unique songs are also made for the movie.

10. When writing scripts for web series, the ratio of dialogue and screenplay has to be kept close and both the screenplay and dialogue of web series are very well designed. It has almost full-time dialogues. 
On the other hand, movies are screenplay-oriented. The screenplay in the movies is designed in such a way that the audience is fascinated. A lot of times there are scenes in movies where there is no dialogue but the screenplay is so interesting that the viewers watch it without any annoyance.

11. In the case of web series, the one-shot go factor works. This means that after watching one episode of an interesting web series, you will want to watch the next episode and then another episode. It will continue like this. Because web series are episode-based, it delays climax and resolution. 
But that is not the case with movies. The movie usually clears the whole incident from beginning to end.

12. Web series are mostly content-based. In other words, if the content of the web series is not good, then people will not see it. 
On the other hand, the movies are star-based. In other words, if a popular hero or heroine casts, then people will watch the movie anyway.

13. The lighting of the web series is done in such a way that the whole event seems real. 
But a lot more cinematic lighting is used in movies.

14. The biggest advantage of web series is that there are no censorship rules. Directors get the freedom to show any kind of scene if they want.
On the other hand, in movies, directors can’t show as many scenes as they want. In this case, censorship rules have to be maintained and then released in theaters.

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